President’s Message

Welcome to Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Group!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about our organization.  We have an exciting story to share with you.

First, we want to express our commitment to the company’s stakeholders – including policyholders, agents and employees.   We accept the heavy responsibility of caring for other people’s money, and we are committed to the highest standards of business and ethical conduct.  We are also committed to combining the highest quality life insurance and annuity products with excellent customer care.  These goals form the core of our corporate mission, and we are proud of our achievements.

Second, we would like to address the economic environment and how the Liberty Bankers Insurance Group has performed over the last decade.  During this challenging period, the financial services industry has experienced volatility and economic pressure not seen since the Great Depression, and Liberty Bankers has not been immune to these pressures.  Nonetheless, we are proud to report that the group remained profitable every year, and during the past ten years has more than tripled its net capital position.  During this time, we also achieved record premium income and total assets.

While the company has traditionally focused on annuity products and is known as one of the nation’s premier annuity providers, over the past several years we have successfully developed and introduced an array of traditional life insurance products.  As a result, we now have more than 100,000 life insurance policies in force and over 10,000 independent licensed financial service professionals marketing our products. Most recently, we expanded our product offerings to include supplemental health insurance products, including Medicare Supplement, Critical Illness, and Accident products.

Our company’s strong performance despite the difficult economic environment is directly attributable to our experienced and dedicated staff that has worked diligently to protect the company from risk and to overcome the business challenges that we face.

Now with over $2 billion in assets under management, our sales and marketing footprint extends to all states (except Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York), plus the District of Columbia. The Liberty Bankers group is stronger and more diversified than ever.  While the company will certainly meet new challenges, we have the staff and resources to deal with them.  We are excited about the company’s future and we appreciate your confidence and support.

Bradford A. Phillips,
President and Chief Executive Officer


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